JUNE 2022: My new publication with Dr Laurel Lawyer is out now! Click here to read all about Syntactic comprehension priming and lexical boost effects in older adults!

Welcome to my homepage! I work as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Aphasia Research Lab, Purdue University, where I investigate applications of syntactic priming to language rehabilitation after stroke. My PhD and MA were completed at the University of Essex.

I research language and (clinical) aging, and what effects healthy and clinical aging processes have on how we understand linguistic structures. My other main research interest is in bilingualism and cognition, and how bilingualism shapes and informs the mind. I use neuroimaging methods and advanced statistical techniques (including Bayesian models) on my data. During my time at Essex, I also taught classes on Child Language Development and Understanding Data in Linguistics.

As a regular participant in the Skype a Scientist network, I zoom into classrooms and organisations to discuss all things science, linguistics, and brain. Get in touch if you’d like me to talk to your group!

I ‘m currently a member of the Purdue Aphasia Research Lab, where we study how aphasia affects one’s ability to produce and comprehend speech and what factors and learning conditions maximize language recovery in persons with aphasia. We use a variety of tasks, such as eye-tracking while listening and speaking, collaborative language games, a language training study, and EEG. The long-term goal of our research is to develop cost-effective intervention approaches for individuals with aphasia and related acquired language disorders.